Kaptolska klet

How to reach us

  • Restoran Kaptolska klet
    Kaptol 5, 10000 Zagreb Croatia
    Tel.: +385 (0)1 4876 502
  • Working hours
    Ever day:
    11:00h- 24:00h
How to get to us
Situated in the historical settlement of Kaptol, the same-named Kaptolska Klet, with its unique and delicious gastronomic selection, is the first choice of many Zagreb people and their guests. If you haven’t yet tried our specialities, prepared from fresh ingredients according to traditional recipes, we invite you to visit us.

You can come to the restaurant by private car or taxi, or by the city’s public transport which takes you all the way to Ban Josip Jelačić Square. You can park your car in the public car park in Langov Square or in Kaptol centre, if you arrive by tram, you can use tram line No. 1 (from Zapadni kolodvor to Borongaj), No. 6 (from Črnomerec to Sopot), No. 11 (from Črnomerec to Dubec), No. 12 (from Ljubljanica to Dubrava), No. 13 (from Žitnjak to Kvaternikovog trg), No. 14 (from Mihaljevac to Zapruđe) and No. 17 (from Prečko to Borongaj), the stop of which is on the main city square from where you have a few minutes' walk to Kaptolska Klet.
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