Traditional Zagreb cuisine at Kaptolska klet

Traditional Zagreb dishes and specialties

Our experienced chef Viktor Kranjčec prepares delicious specialties for you, according to original recipes by using only home-made ingredients and original recipies.

We offer a regular seasonal menu, and as we are closer to the colder seasons, in our offer you will find a variety of autumn and winter delicacies, such as creamy pumpkin soup, black pudding, sauerkraut and the inevitable chestnut desserts,

Come and surprise yourself with flavours !

Traditional Zagreb cuisine at Kaptolska klet

Cold Appetizers

Dalmatian prosciutto 85,00 kn
Cooked ham 75,00 kn
Slavonian kulen 90,00 kn
Wild game sausage 80,00 kn
Lard preserved pork meat, pickled onions 75,00 kn
Duck and chicken liver pâté with onion jam 70,00kn
Cold mixed platter for two 180,00 kn

Selection Of Cheeses

Sheep milk cheese 90,00 kn
Hard cheese 70,00 kn
Smoked cheese 60,00 kn
Cow milk cheese with truffles 110,00 kn
Daily assortment of local cheese 110,00kn


Leaf salads with pumpkin seed pesto and baked cheese 75,00 kn
Duck breast on leaf salads, grilled pear, carrot and almond 95,00 kn
Steak Salad with creamy mustard Vinaigrette 100,00 kn


Hot Appetizers

Boiled and baked cow milk cheese strudel from Zagorje county 55,00 kn
Boiled Croatian cow milk cheese strudel with butter and breadcrumbs 50,00 kn
Veal risotto from the town Skradin 105,00 kn
Beef cheek ravioli 75,00 kn
Slavonian meat and vegetable stew 75,00kn


Beef soup with homemade noodles 30,00 kn
Traditional potato soup from Zagorje county (bacon, mushrooms, vegetables, potato) 35,00 kn
Daily soup 30,00 kn

Main Courses

Beefsteak 180,00 kn
Premium Black Angus Rib Eye 235,00 kn
Roasted Veal, baked potatoes and vegetables 125,00 kn
Grilled Lamb Chops, potato Pavé, green beans with bacon, pan sauce 185,00 kn
BBQ pork ribs, Coleslaw, fried potatoes 115,00 kn
Veal escallop Zagreb Style, gratin potatoes, green beans with bacon 120,00 kn
Stuffed veal eskalopes, baked potato with vegetables 120,00 kn
Duck breast, potato Pavé, vegetables, duck demi-glace 120,00 kn
Grilled minced Lamb patty, fried potatoe slices, kajmak cheese 105,00 kn
Grilled minced veal kebab with 4 peppercorns and pancetta 95,00 kn
Cheese and ham stuffed Pork Tenderloin wrapped in pancetta 85,00 kn
Grilled minced meat served with French Fries, Ajvar 70,00 kn
Grilled minced beef patty with smoked cheese an chillie, Ajvar 70,00 kn
Roasted duck, dried homemade pastry 115,00 kn
“Kaptolska klet" platter Beef tenderloin, Lamb cutlet, stuffed veal eskalopes, BBQ ribs, baked potatoes,vegetables 340,00 kn
Meat platter for two 220,00 kn
Salmon supreme with caviar Veloute, fennel poree, swiss chard 135,00 kn
Grilled Tuna steak 120,00 kn

Side Dishes

Grilled vegetables 40,00 kn
Gratin potatoes 35,00 kn
Potato Pavé 30,00 kn
Baked potatoes with vegetables 30,00 kn
Fried potatoes 22,00 kn
Green beans with bacon 35,00 kn
Homemade bread 10,00 kn
Green pepper sauce 20,00 kn
Sauce Robert 20,00 kn
Creamy mushroom sauce 20,00 kn


Green lettuce salad 20,00 kn
Arugula salad 30,00 kn
Bean salad 20,00 kn
Cabbage salad 20,00 kn
Tomato salad 30,00 kn
Cucumber with cream 40,00 kn
Vegetables salad with Feta cheese 40,00 kn
Cole Slaw salad 40,00 kn
Selection of seasonal salads 30,00 kn


Apple, walnut, poppy seed and cheese cake 30,00 kn
Dalmatian creme caramel 25,00 kn
Daily assortment of cakes from our bakery 35,00 kn